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I was born in Tourtane in 1958. I now live in Ardra with my wife Mary and our son Adam.

I first became interested in computers when I was competition secretary of Castlecomer golf club in 1996. I bought my first

computer in January 2000 and I immediately became interested in all aspects of computing. I have had no formal training,

so everything that I have learned is self taught.


When most people buy computers, they buy them for their children. What they do not realize is that computers can be of

enormous benefit to all members of their family. These benefits include use of the internet to access information on all

types of hobbies, pastimes, sports and services. These services include booking flights online, banking online, and the ever

increasing popularity of shopping online. With the introduction of digital photograph cameras and digital video cameras,

this has opened up new opportunities to computer users to edit, store and make presentations with very high quality

photos and video.


There are many and varied software applications that can be used, such as Microsoft Office, Photoexpress,

Skype, Nero Burning-Rom, Easy CD Creator, Norton Anti-Virus, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express,

and Soulseek.


Microsoft Office - this includes applications for creating word documents, spreadsheets (for accounts), databases and


Photoexpress - this is used for scanning, editing and printing.

Skype - is a program which allows you to use your computer as a phone.  Credit can be bought and used like a mobile

"pay as you go" phone.  You can also send texts exactly like a mobile phone.  The main difference with Skype is that your

calls are cheaper and  when you call someone on their pc, you can see them if you both have webcams.  If you both use

Skype, the call will be free.

Nero Burning-Rom and Easy CD Creator - are used for backing up your files and adding your favourite music to CDs.

Norton Anti-Virus - is a "must have" program used to prevent infection from the ever present danger of computer viruses.

Internet Explorer - is the application used for "surfing" the internet.

Outlook Express - is used for creating, sending and receiving e-mails.

Soulseek - I use this program to download music from other users on the internet.