A torrent is an "address" or a "pointer" to a file, such as a film or a song. It is NOT the actual file. To download a torrent, use one of the many websites to search for the torrent that you want.

The website I use is, www.torrentz.eu

As an example, I will search for the torrent to download an episode of the series "THE WIRE" .

I go to www.torrentz.eu, and I enter a search for the first season and the first episode of THE WIRE. I enter, the wire s01 e01 and click SEARCH.


Above are the results of my search. Don't bother checking any of the results under the SPONSORED LINKS as they only take you to other websites.

Click on one of the top results, (these are usually the best because there will be a large number of users sharing this file).


Above are the websites which have the torrent available for download. I usually click MONOVA.ORG (only because it is easy to find the DOWNLOAD VIA TORRENT link). This site is not always shown in the results so you may have to experiment with some of the others.

When I click the "Download via torrent" link, I am asked do I want to "Run", "Save", or "Cancel". (Your small window will probably not look like mine because my security program Zonealarm monitors my downloads)

I click "Save" and then I am asked which folder on my pc do I want to save the torrent to. You can browse to where you want to save the torrent. (You will probably pick DOCUMENTS and then DOWNLOADS). Your torrent is then downloaded to this folder. It will take only a few seconds to download because a torrent is a very small file.





The program I use is UTORRENT, which is downloaded from is www.utorrent.com , and it is a very small download and only uses a small amount of your computers resources when it is running. (Not to be confused with INTERNET usage, which will be high when you download large files).

This program is free and easy to use. (There is also a paid for version available for download and, of course, that is your choice.)

Click the "Free Download" button and before you click the "Download" button, untick the boxes and then click "Download". Click the "Run" button and the program will download and install, which will take only a minute or two.


This is a screenshot of utorrent when it is opened. Here you can see that I have an example of "BBC Wonders of the Universe" loaded and ready to download.

To load a new torrent, click the "Add torrent" (shown inside the red box). Browse to the folder in which you have saved your torrent. Select your torrent and click "Open". In the window that opens, click "OK" and the torrent will load and the file will start to download. (You may be asked where you want to store the new download, browse to the folder in which you want to save it.)

To view various pieces of information about the progress of your download, click on your file (it will turn blue) and then on any of the tabs (in the blue box.)

To close UTORRENT, always right-click on the utorrent icon beside the clock and click "Exit". (Otherwise it will remain running in the background)


As with any download, MAKE CERTAIN that your anti-virus program is running and that the virus definitions are up to date.

NOTE: it may be illegal to download copyrighted material.