HINT---- to click and double-click, use the left mouse button.  To right-click, use the right mouse button.

  Double-click the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop to open Internet Explorer.


  Click the Tools button and the following menu will appear.


  Click the Internet Options... button and the Internet Options menu will open.

When the menu is opened click the "Connections" tab on top and the menu will look like this below.


In  this menu, make sure that the "Always dial my default connection" is ticked. (Use your mouse to tick it).  When this is done, click the Setup button.


The "New Connection Wizard" will open and then click Next. 

Another menu will open and the "Connect to the Internet" button should be ticked.  Now click Next.


  This menu will open and tick the "Set up my connection manually" button followed by the Next button.  In the next window, the "Connect using a dial-up modem" button should be ticked.  Click Next.


The following menus are where you will enter the name of the connection, the phone number,and the username and password that you will use for this connection.


  Enter a name for the connection, eg. Eircom.  Click Next.


  Enter the phone number for the connection. (1892150150 is Eircoms number).  Click Next.


  Enter a username and password in these boxes.  The password will appear only as dots no matter what you type, so be sure to press the same keys when entering the password in both boxes.  Click Next.


  Tick the "Add a shortcut to the connection to my desktop" box and click Finish.

Assuming that your PC is connected to your phone line, you can now test your connection.



When you are finished surfing the Internet, closing Internet Explorer does not and I repeat does not automatically disconnect you from the Internet.  Normally a small window called "Auto Disconnect" should open shortly after you close Internet Explorer and prompts you to disconnect but this is not always the case.  Even though Internet Explorer is closed, you are still connected to your server, eg. Eircom and your phone charges will continue until your PC is shut down.

To safeguard against this happening make sure that the connection icon is visible beside your clock. This icon is a picture of two small computers.  (These can be blue, as in my case, or green and will flash on and off during surfing.)  When you can see these, you are connected and being charged.

Again, this icon is not always set to be visible when you are connected, so to make sure it is visible do the following.

As on top of this page: double-click Internet Explorer (if the connect window opens  click "Work Offline") and click Tools.... Internet Options.... Connections.... Settings (not Setup as above)..... Properties and in the Properties menu (under the General tab) make sure the box beside "Show icon in notification area when connected" is ticked.  Click OK and OK and OK.

The icon should always now be visible when you are connected.  To disconnect, right-click on the icon and click disconnect.

NOTE:-  do not confuse this icon with the Network connection icon which may also be present beside the clock.  This is also a picture of two small computers but with a red X through it.  This is for connecting to another PC at home or in an office.