Interesting websites --- When you log on to this website, you can view various animals when they visit water-holes. The site is best visited during the day when the animals are active. Most of the images "refresh" (ie. a new image is loaded) about every minute. (Don't forget about the time difference). --- View the latest pictures of the "Rovers" missions to Mars. --- You can do most of your banking with Bank of Ireland on this site. Pay bills eg. mortgage, esb, phone and visa. You will have to register all the accounts that you want use with the bank first. --- This is an excellent site if you want do some of the various courses which are available. Some of the courses are free to people registered with Fas. The course content can be downloaded and studied in your own time. I have undertaken two courses, A+ Certification in Computing and Macromedia Dreamweaver (application for creating and updating websites). --- When you receive your motor tax renewel form, it will contain a pin number by which you can renew your motor tax on this site. --- Hints and tips about how to use most of the Microsoft operating systems including Windows 98, Millenium, 2000 and XP. --- If you are interested in space and the planets, this is an excellent website where you can see what can be viewed in the night sky on any given night. --- Steven Spielberg made a documentary about the survivors of the "Holocaust" and he was so moved by the accounts of the people that survived that he instigated the creation of this website. Short excerpts of every interview (some of which are extremely moving) have been made available to users who log on and these excerpts can be downloaded and viewed. --- More hints and tips about computing and reviews about downloads which are available from this site. I buy the "computeractive" magazine every fortnight. --- If you want to know where the International Space Station is at any given time, you can see an animated picture of where it is. --- The same site as above. Look along the top bar in this window and click on the button J-Track3D. You will be asked to download a little program (which is safe) that will show an animation of about 500 of the satellites which orbit the earth. If you click on any of the little white specks, it will tell you the name and show you the orbit path of the satellite. Also if you click and hold the left mouse-button and move the mouse, the earth will rotate. The animation also updates about every minute. (See if you can find the satellite named ASTRA 1D, this is the satellite that "Sky" use to broadcast all their channels. I bet you didn't think it was so far away) --- This site contains links to a vast amount of webcams that are set up all over the world. --- A list of some of the best (designed) websites in the world.