Hi Deirdre and Janet,


To download Limewire go to WWW.LIMEWIRE.COM and download the basic version. You can of course buy the pro version but I am not sure of the advantages of doing so. When I downloaded the basic version (my version is 4.12), a small installer program is downloaded first and when this is installed it downloads and installs the full program ( this appears to have changed in the latest version 4.16). When it was installing the full program it also downloaded and installed the latest version of JAVA which is used to run parts of Limewire. Other programs on your computer will also use JAVA and it is safe to download.

Go to WWW.LIMEWIRE.COM, click GET IT NOW,--- click GET BASIC,--- click I WILL NOT INFRINGE......,--- and under CHOOSE YOUR PLATFORM...--- click WINDOWS...... ---and click RUN. The download should start and when it is finished, it should start to install.

Choose ENGLISH and click OK, click INSTALL. During the installation LIMEWIRE will download the latest version of JAVA (if you don't already have it and this may take a while especially it you have a dial-up internet connection) and the when it is finished installing, click FINISH.

LIMEWIRE will then open and you are asked to choose a folder into which your downloaded music etc. will be saved. Unless you want a different one than LIMEWIRE created, click NEXT. Choose your network (internet) speed and untick the box "Start Automatically" ( i would untick this box because this stops LIMEWIRE from starting up automatically when you start your computer and using some of your internet connection even though you may not want to use LIMEWIRE).

When Limewire is installing, it creates a folder called "Shared" and it is this folder that is used to store your downloaded files eg.songs, pictures, programs etc.. (This may change in future versions of Limewire.) You can change the location of where your downloads are stored from within the Limewire options.

If you are using WINDOWS VISTA, when you first open LIMWIRE you will receive a warning from the WINDOWS FIREWALL telling you that WINDOWS has blocked some parts of LIMEWIRE, make sure to click the UNBLOCK button.


When you first open Limewire, this is the page that appears. This page is where you start your search for songs etc,.

If you are searching for a song, it is best to click the " Audio" button first (the one beside "All Types" in yellow) as this will refine your search to audio files only. When you click the Audio button, you will be presented with more options to refine your search, eg. artist name, album etc. Click the search button and you will be presented with the window below.

Hint:- you can search for more than one song at a time.


(These are graphics from my Limewire version 4.12 and there is a more recent version (4.16) since i created this page but the principle will remain the same)




This is the results window, which dislplays the results of your search. To download a song, right-click on it and click Download and you will be presented with the window below.


Hint:- there are a few different file types of songs and these are - MP3, WMA and M4A

MP3 files will play on all MP3 players.

WMA files will play on most MP3 players.

M4A files will only play on Apple iPods.





WARNING--- when choosing your song to download, make sure it is one of the file types mentioned above. DO NOT choose a song with a .exe, .scr, .zip file extension, because these files types are not songs and MAY contain viruses. While these file types are normally quite safe (.exe is a program file, .scr is a screen saver and .zip is a compressed file), I would avoid them if they follow your song title. (You will be able to see what type of file it is under the "Type" tab beside the song name, see picture above). Also when choosing a song, look at the file size under the "Size" tab because as a rough guide, one minute of music is about 1000kb. Therefore a 3 minute song is about 3000kb and anything under 500kb is usually not the complete song. Avoid the search results that appear to have no relation to the song title you looked for.

WARNING--- It is absolutely vital and I repeat absolutely vital that you have an anti-virus program with up to date virus definitions running while you are downloading from Limewire. (Or any other file-sharing program). You have been warned.......



This is the download window and it shows the chosen song (dark blue line in top window) and the download progress in the bottom section of the window. (Sometimes, if the song you are downloading is a popular one, LIMEWIRE may be able to download from different users at the same time which means that your song will download much faster)