In the search window, type in the name of an artist or song (1)and click the Search button on the right of this address bar to begin your search. When you get some results click the "Stop Search" button after about a minute and you can browse through the results.

In this "Search Files" window I have entered a search for KT Tunstall and the results are displayed in the window.

The results in grey are queued and are not immediately available but these can be clicked to download and will start to download when you get to the top of the queue.

The results in black can be clicked to download and normally start to download straight away.

    To download a track... right-click on the track and click "Download File" on the menu which appears. The only indication that your track has been clicked to download is that the "Transfers" button turns blue and by clicking this button you will open the transfers window.

Also on the above menu are other options and the most useful of these are "Add To List" and "Browse User's Files".

  Add To List... this will add the users name to your favourites list which is very useful if you want to download more tracks from them at a later stage and also because you can tell when they are online or offline. The icon beside their name is blue if they are online and brown when offline. The open wings means they are looking at a Soulseek window and the closed wings means they are looking at a different program on their PC while Soulseek is still running.


Browse User's Files...this will open a new window and you will be able to see all the music that this user has in their shared folder. If they have some albums that you may want to download at a later stage you should add their username to your favourites list. Here you can pick single tracks or whole albums to download. To download an album, right-click the folder and click Download Folder. Be sure to view what is in the folder first to make sure it contains the whole album. In this example I have browsed the files of "" who is a user that I have added to my favourites list. I have clicked one of the folders and the contents of this folder are displayed on the right. (Note: In this window you will also see the Attributes heading. Under this heading is something called Bitrate. This is the bitrate at which the music was copied from a CD to the PC as an MP3 file. 128 bitrate is considered CD quality and any tracks with a bitrate higher than this will sound exactly the same (in my opinion) but will take longer to download, ie. a track with a bitrate of 256 will take twice as long to download as the same track with a 128 bitrate.


To join the Chat Rooms, double-click any of the headings in the chat rooms window. Hint: if you want to be able to chat with your close friends, arrange to join a chat room at the same time and add each others username to your favourites list. You will now be able to see when they are online in the future.

CAUTION.........sometimes it may appear that Soulseek has closed but it will only be gone from the Taskbar, you will still be able to see the Soulseek icon beside the clock. Double-click the icon to display the Soulseek window. The program remains running when this happens.

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